About Ocean View Ranch

Ocean View Ranch (O.V.R.) began in 2002 with two pregnant Huacaya Alpaca females in Santa Cruz, CA..  When our  herd grew to ten, we purchased nineteen acres in Los Gatos, CA and moved our starter herd. The Land was cleared, the barn was built, pastures were fenced.

As of today, we are constructing a home on the ranch and it will become our primary residence. Our adventures will continue with the addition of a vineyard; A  Molessons Estate, Ranch & Vineyard and  will co-exist with Ocean View Ranch.

Today O.V.R. has expanded its operation to include a diversity of bloodlines and is now home to fifty three Huacaya and Suri alpacas.  Our goal is to produce the highest quality fleece, with diverse color.  In addition to our quality fleece, our alpacas are chosen for breeding based on conformation and pedigree.  Our herd is BVD free and all newborn crias are tested after birth.  All of our alpacas are registered with the Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI)

We take pride in sharing our knowledge with those considering alpaca ownership.   If you are interested in raising alpacas or purchasing alpaca product,  feel free to call.

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