About Great Pyrenees Dogs

Great Pyrenees take their name from the mountain range in Southwestern Europe where they long have been used as guardians of  livestock. In the U.S. they are referred  to as Great Pyrenees. In the United  Kingdom and in Europe they are known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. In their  native France, they are called Le Chien de Montagne des Pyrenees or Le Chien  des Pyrenees. Whatever the name, this  primarily white majestic dog has been associated for centuries, with the  shepherds working high on the mountain slopes.

    This breed most likely originated ten or eleven thousand  years ago in Asia Minor. It is believed  that these large white dogs came to the Pyrenees Mountains with their shepherds  and sheep about 3000 B.C. Over the  millennium the breed has developed the characteristics that make it unique to  the group of Livestock Guardian dogs.

    The Great Pyrenees are large, beautiful and highly  intelligent dogs have been bred pure for centuries and are prized for their  guarding abilities as well as their majestic appearance. They stand  approximately 32 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 100-130 lbs. Their coat is long, dense, weather resistant  and self-cleaning. They are capable of  adjusting to warm or cold climates. Their coat can be all white or white with badger, grey or tan markings.

    Ocean View Ranch uses AKC Great Pyrenees dogs to work on our  11 acre ranch protecting a herd of alpacas and a flock of chickens. Our primary predators are mountain lions,  coyotes, bobcats and an occasional stray dog. To date, we have never suffered a loss and credit this to our guardian  dogs.    

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  About Great Pyrenees Dogs
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