Alpaca Fleece

Alpaca fleece is processed into a variety of products.

At Ocean View ranch, our alpacas are shorn once a year.  There are three shearing areas:
blanket, neck, leg and belly and 6 grades of fineness.  It is important to know the grade of the fiber to determine its end use.

* Grade 1 - Ultrafine <20 microns (this is what you want to wear next to your skin)
* Grade 2 - Superfine 20-22.9 microns (yarn, wear next to your skin)
* Grade 3 - Fine 23-25.9 microns (most versatile grade, yarns, textiles)
* Grade 4 - Medium 26-28.9 microns (socks, throws)
* Grade 5 - Intermediate 29-32.0 microns (mattress pads, comforters, quilt batting)
* Grade 6 - Robust 32.1-35 microns (rugs, stadium seat mats, car seats, stuffing for pet bedding, even insulation: R-95)
Shorter fiber 2 to 3.75" length gets processed in the "woolen" method resulting in lofty yarn with fuzzy appearance.  This yarn is bet used in sweaters and knitted garments where loft and insulation are desired.

"Worsted" method of processing utilizes fibers 3.75-6" long that produces smooth yarn with tighter twit best use din weaving or lace weight.

Alpaca fiber is one of the least flammable and difficult fibers to ignite.

Ocean View Ranch is a  member of Natural Fiber Producers and sends a portion of our annual clippings to them to be converted into finished products.
Alpacas are shorn once a year.  Each alpaca produces five to ten pounds of fiber annually.
Alpaca fiber is recognized for its fineness, luster, durability, softness and light weight thermal qualities.
Their fiber can be used in a variety of products including yarn, apparel, toys, blankets and home goods. 

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